“We received an incredible deal on this fantastic library wine from Pax Mahle’s Agharta and are passing the savings on to you! This wine was originally released at $90, the winery is selling it for $125 and we’re offering it for under $30! That's over 65% off the release price, and over 75% off the winery's current price! Only 146 cases were produced of the 2006 Agharta Black Label and unlike past vintages, this one is mostly Grenache and spent over 2 years in barrel. Smokey spice and juicy black cherry and raspberry – perfect for that summer burger on the grill! Only while supplies last!” – Glen Knight, The Wine House

2006 Agharta Black Label
North Coast Grenache

92 Point Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate
Winery Price: $125
Release Price: $90
Wine House: $29.99

“The 2006 Agharta Black Label is 84% Grenache, 14% Syrah and 2% Viognier. Jammy blackberries, exotic spices, rose petals, licorice, tar and menthol are some of the notes that burst from the glass in this explosive, rich wine. The 2006 is an intriguing wine layered with considerable complexity and plenty of nuance. Pax Mahle gave the 2006 a whopping 52 months of aging, 70% in oak (20% new) and 30% in stainless steel. The Agharta Black Label is the same wine Pax Mahle bottled as Pangea under the Pax label. Jazz aficionados will recognize that both wines are named for two Miles Davis live albums that were recorded live on the same day in Japan in 1975. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2016.”
Antonio Galloni, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate, December 2011


The 2006 Black Label Agharta is a little different this time around. Different in that it is predominately Grenache rather than Syrah and different in that once this offer goes out, that will pretty much be it for this wine as our production is down 70% over the last couple of vintages. Only 146 cases produced and no matter how much you beg…I’m keeping some…this is the best one yet and I love it!

Created from the finest most age-worthy lots in the cellar, we have once again put some incredible juice into the bottle for your enjoyment. Up here on the Earth’s surface Mother Nature unleashed her wrath on our Syrah in 2006 and we didn't get the quantity or quality of Syrah that we thought we needed to continue this project. On the flip side we produced some of the richest most concentrated Grenache we had ever tasted, so we took the leap of faith and kept it in Barrel for 52 months, added some of the most exotic Syrah we had from Richards Family Vineyard and Mountain Terraces Vineyard and what we got is one crazy little wine, different from the previous two yes, very different, but all the better for it…I cannot urge you enough to order your allocation…it is that good.

Tasting Note: Crazy swirling aromatics of exotic fruits (white/red/blue), tar, coffee, Rose potpourri, meat, smoke, spice and dark berries. Once you pry your nose out of the glass…it is addicting to smell…and take your first sip, you are rewarded with a very densely textured wine, concentrated from low yields and aging in large format French Oak and Stainless Steel barrels that allow the wine to reduce and concentrate over time while retaining freshness. Very ripe and pleasing fruit sensations fill your mouth while the spice and tannins are just enough to keep everything in play and help define this wine. Graceful while being extremely exotic…and dare I say it…. Hedonistic…

Blend: 85% Grenache, 14% Syrah, 2% Viognier
Aging: 52 months in 20% New French Oak, 50% Neutral French Oak, 30% Stainless Steel


“It was 1999 and after years of studying wine, selling wine and drinking wine, my course was set and I was determined to become a Master Sommelier. But a fateful trip to France, and a mud slogged walk through one of the world's most heralded vineyards and the dreaming started. How could I do anything other than walk the vines, muddy my boots and understand on a much deeper level the wines and the earth from which they were grown, the way only a vigneron can. A few months later after finishing up an assignment in Washington, DC, I took a rare day off to see a couple museums, within the first ten feet of my tour I stumbled upon the Pangea exhibit.

Before I knew it, I had a couple of (yet) unproven vineyards that had what I believed it would take to make some great Syrah, a business plan, a unique label concept based on Pangea and that underlying theme resonating through our focus. It wasn’t long before I found a ‘money guy’ and the rest is as they say ancient history. Eventually on this “journey” I was able to create a wine worthy of the name Pangea. I bottled a 2002 and a 2003, but kept the 2004 resting in barrel so that once It was bottled it would stand above anything and everything we had bottled.

Fast forward to 2010…not unlike Pangea…the land separated. The separation was complete and I had all of the barrels that I needed to continue this incredibly fascinating project. I also happily gave up the rights to use the name Pangea in exchange for the unlimited use of a much more important name.

Forging forward and searching for a fresh way to identify this very special wine, I was digging into my music collection and it occurred to me what I would call it. Agharta was a recording by Miles Davis captured the same day he recorded Pangea, two of my favorite pieces of live modern jazz. While Pangea got the attention of the masses, it was known by the intelligentsia that Agharta was the superior piece. Years of being an underground sensation only heard by the lucky few, Miles named the underground recording Agharta, after the supposed underground society on Earth that only the enlightened few were invited into. Agharta is also commonly known as a mystical place on earth where the hills are made of gold and the rivers run with wine…sounds like a great place to me.

Welcome my enlightened one!” –Pax Mahle


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