“When my supplier told me about these one-of-a-kind vintage Cognacs from the prestigious house, Normandin-Mercier, I said that I wanted every bottle that was coming to the US! It is very, very hard to find this level of quality in Cognac these days. You would be surprised to find out what other houses do to ‘enhance’ their products, but not Monsieur Edouard Normandin! The team at Normandin-Mercier have perfected the art of blending and aging young Cognacs that are produced exclusively from wine that comes from the finest plots of sustainably-farmed vineyards located in Petite and Grande Champagne. Either of the two vintage Cognacs we have below is perfect to celebrate a milestone, or as a gift for the collectors and connoisseurs of fine Cognacs on your list. Even better, we've lowered the price on both bottles!

I cannot stress enough how extremely rare it is to see vintage Cognacs like this – a “10 ANS” (2006) and “40 ANS” (1976) – and The Wine House is the ONLY place you can find these two in the US! If you know someone who was born in 1976, married in 1976, graduated from college in 1976... or has any reason to celebrate the year 1976 (Edouard suggests the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence), this is the ultimate gift! It is nearly impossible to find something that is really outstanding from that vintage, but this Cognac does the trick! It’s also a great gift for those who appreciate great Cognac or for those who look for things that are ‘off the beaten path’ – it’s truly unique! Included below are the charming notes about these ‘old school’ Cognacs from the importer.” – Jim Knight, Wine House

1976 Normandin-Mercier Cognac Petite Champagne
"40 ANS"

Gold Medal
2016 International Wine & Spirits Competition

Was: $349.99
NOW ONLY $259.99

Gold Medal International Wine & Spirits Competition, 2016: “Well-balanced, fine, and supple in nose, as well as on the palate, with aromas of lily and orange peel.”

Petite Champagne 1976: Cask strength, 41.4%

Importer’s notes: “Having come up in the family of one of Cognac’s most esteemed producers, Edouard is a consummate professional, who is used to working with the finest brandies. After all, luxury is his business. That's why I was surprised during my last visit when he grabbed my arm, and pulled me to a row of very old barrels in his cellar to show me one in particular with "PC 1976" written in chalk just below the bung hole. His voice was filled with excitement when he said, "When I was young, my grandfather and father always shooed me away from this barrel. As I grew older I learned why...This is our last barrel of Petite Champagne from 1976, one of the finest years in the history of Cognac. We have many barrels of very fine Cognac in our cellar, but this is one of the very best. Its beauty makes me think of all the ways people celebrate their important days. The 200 year anniversary of the America's Declaration of Independence was in 1976. We French have celebrated this day with America before, why not again? Anniversaries, birthdays, even your 'coco loco' presidential election this year! Our 1976 is so special, it can only please your clients. And I can say, the chance won't come again because I have no more."

Tasting this extraordinary Cognac from the barrel with Edouard, I wrote as quickly as I could in my notes, "violet, orange peel, apricot, toffee...ethereal...endless!" This was an easy decision, it is so good. During the spring of this year I asked Edouard to put up the last of his Cognac Petite Champagne 1976 "40 ANS" in a small series of hand-numbered bottles. They have now arrived and I cannot recommend them enough.”

2006 Normandin-Mercier Grande Champagne Cognac "10 ANS"
Was: $199.99
NOW ONLY $149.99

Importer’s notes: “Edouard is a thoughtful man, and he understands how limited and costly his Petite Champagne 1976 is. When we finished with it, he said "I have another special barrel to show you, which will be easier for your clients to reach. It is younger by 30 years, but shares many of the same qualities of the 1976. In 2006, we were very pleased with our Grande Champagne fruit. It had all the makings for a great Cognac, especially good acid...and let me boast a little: the work of our distiller for this Cognac was brilliant. Pure Grande Champagne from 2006, it is rounded beyond its youth and full of heady fruit and floral tones that fill the glass in such a wonderful way. Quite refined on the palate, it is the one Cognac of ours that I enjoy often with special friends and guests." After tasting with Edouard from the open barrel, I had to agree. This is a unique offering that will surly please the most dedicated follower of Cognac and the novice alike.”

The prestigious house of Normandin-Mercier dates back to 1872. Monsieur Edouard Normandin, the fifth generation, proudly looks toward the future without losing sight of tradition and the past. Cognac production at the Château de la Péraudière estate from Normandin-Mercier is all done by hand. From the tending of ancestral casks of maturing XO stocks to the bottling and labeling, Edouard and his team are present throughout. Their Cognac heralds from the Grand and Petitie Champagne regions exclusively; this is where one finds the highest concentration of precious limestone and chalk soils responsible for contributing the characteristic depth, acidity, and pungency ever present. For the true connoisseur and champion of small batch, hand-made Cognac, look no further than Normandin-Mercier.

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