As many of you know, The Wine House is an independent, family-owned business, and we are thrilled to welcome Lance Montalto back to the Wine House Family! Lance returns as our Italian Wine Buyer and Senior Salesperson so look for his smiling face welcoming you to The Wine House next time you are in the store! His depth of knowledge of Italian wines is unrivaled, as is his dedication to outstanding customer service.


"About decade ago, at VinItaly, I first discovered Luigi Giordano's Barbarescos. A friend of mine was starting an import company and he asked me to taste his new discovery. Giordano's Barbarescos of were hands down the standout wines of the fair. Unfortunately, my friend lost out on importing the estate and it has taken years before we have seen them on the West Coast. The 2013 vintage in Barbaresco is outstanding, among the best in recent years and the Luigi Giordano wines are once again the standouts... especially at these prices! I have always felt Giordano's Barbarescos are some of the best ‘bang for the buck’ and value driven Barbarescos out there. Giordano is an old school, wonderfully traditional Barbaresco producer who highlights the elegance of Nebbiolo and the beauty of the specific vineyards." - Lance Montalto, The Wine House
2013 Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Montestefano
2 or More: $49.99
Lowest Price in the Country!

The vineyard is situated in the ‘Montestefano’ sub-zone, survey map page no. V part 71p, facing south.
Grape:100% Nebbiolo.
Soil composition: clay, silt and sand.
Year of planting: 1990.

2013 Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Asili
2 or More: $49.99
Lowest Price in the Country!

The vineyard is situated in the ‘Asili’ sub-zone survey map page no. VI parts 40 and 281. It is south-west facing.
Grape: 100% Nebbiolo.
Soil composition: clay, silt and sand.
Year of planting: 2000.
Vinification: traditional red wine maceration for 12-15 days with fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats using frequent pumping-over.
Ageing and refining: the wine is aged for at least 18-24 months in large (30-50 hectolitre) barrels of Slavonian oak, then refined in horizontally-placed bottles for another 6 months.

2013 Luigi Giordano Barbaresco Cavanna
2 or More: $28.99
Lowest Price in the Country!

The vineyard is situated in the Cavanna sub-zone, with the following co-ordinates on the survey map: page no. IV; parts 20,22,23,24,25, with a westsouth-west position.
Grape: 100% Nebbiolo.
Soil composition: clay, silt and sand.
Years of planting: 1988 and 2006.


A stone’s throw from Barbaresco’s village center, the winery and its vineyards were founded by Giovanni Giordano in the 1930s during a time of profound crisis in the Italian wine world. After a period of growing and selling grapes, Giovanni’s son, Luigi, made the bold decision to vinify his own grapes in 1960. Luigi Giordano is now a fourth-generation winery whose vineyards are planted in some of Barbaresco’s most prestigious crus, including Asili and Montestefano. One particular Barbaresco bottling from the cru of Cavanna showcases the winery’s elegant, hands-off style of winemaking and currently represents the only single-vineyard cru of its kind on the market.


Two thousand thirteen, […] is shaping up to be an epic vintage of classic proportions and superb pedigree. The growing season was much more stable than 2012, but it is the last month of the year, a perfect September with warm days and cool nights, that yielded Barbarescos endowed with regal intensity. The 2013s remind me of the 2010s, but with more inner sweetness and mid-palate richness. Vinous readers will recall that 2010 was an uneven vintage in Barbaresco. From what I have seen so far, 2013 does not have the austerity nor the inconsistency of 2010. The late October harvest was one of the latest on record. Some of the region’s younger producers told me they had never seen such a late-maturing vintage!


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